MadeByLeaf 6 Inch Bowl Packs
MadeByLeaf 6 Inch Bowl Packs
MadeByLeaf 6 Inch Bowl Packs
MadeByLeaf 6 Inch Bowl Packs
MadeByLeaf 6 Inch Bowl Packs
MadeByLeaf 6 Inch Bowl Packs
MadeByLeaf 6 Inch Bowl Packs
MadeByLeaf 6 Inch Bowl Packs

MadeByLeaf 6 Inch Bowl Packs

    • 100% BIODEGRADABLE ; MadeByLeaf Tableware is the most sustainable solution to disposable plastic and paper products; Made with only sal leaves and bamboo stems our products are natural and organic; Each Bowl is 100% free of chemicals, glues, bonding agents or toxic substance
    • IMPRESSIVELY STURDY ; MadeByLeaf Bowls are handcrafted with multiple layers of dried leaves making it very sturdy and leak free; It’s great for hot or cold food and soups; Microwavable and oven safe
    • SUSTAINABLE PRODUCTION ; No trees are harmed during the production process, we only pick leaves that are either freshly fallen or about to fall; The leaves are then hand stitched, sun dried and heat pressed for shape
    • EASY COMPOST ; Made entirely with Sal leaves, our products can be easily composted at home with other food waste ; Decomposes at a much faster rate than bamboo, sugarcane and palm leaf based disposable ware
    • PERFECT FOR ANY OCCASION; Our products have uniquely natural look and a sturdy build, ideal for use as camping plates , picnic plates , lunchware, dinnerware , catering plates , BBQ dishes , food festivals, events, party plates, catering plates, restaurants plates, thanksgiving dishes or any kind of get together



    Is Sal Leaf safe?
    Yes, Sal leaf bowls and plates have been used for decades in India and Nepal during festivals. Today, many local restaurants in Southeast Asia use it as a substitute for plastic and paper products. During the production process, the leaves are sun dried for few days and heat pressed for extra level of sanitization.

    Are leaf bowls & plates edible?
    It’s surprising how often we get this question. We haven't figured out a way to make them edible so for now the answer is NO. Although, in Southeast Asia people feed it to cattle after use :).

    How is it made?
    The dark-green leaves are hand-picked from the lower branches of the tree including some freshly fallens from the ground. Then it’s hand stitched with bamboo stems, the stitched leaves are sun dried for a few days and are heat pressed into different shapes and sizes.

    What is the best use?
    MadeByLeaf is the most sustainable option to any single-use plastic or paper products. It's great for BBQ, camping, parties, picnics, catering, events, and other festivities.

    Can it hold hot food and soups?
    Yes, MadeByLeaf products are handcrafted with multiple layers of leaves making very sturdy and leak free.

    Is it single use or reusable?
    It's designed for one time use only but if used for dry foods like nuts and fruits it can be wiped with a clean cloth for reuse.

    What are the environment impacts?
    Our manufacturing process is quite simple. We only use dried leaves and stems. No chemicals used, no water wasted and no trees were harmed during production.

    Why should I use MadeByLeaf products when there are other compostable options available?
    A recent study done by The New Food Economy showed that so called "compostable" products available in the market today do not fully compost, not even in 500 years. Whereas MadeByLeaf is natural and organic and will biodegrade in 4-6 Weeks.